Arad Science & Technique Co. produces vision sorting machines with the latest technologies. Arad Sorting provides various solutions and sorting machines with camera and vision technology for different industrial and agricultural sections. Our engineering expertise and ability guarantee 24 hours/7 days support and continuous software updates. Quality and customers’ satisfaction are our first priority.

Agricultural products

Various agricultural products are sorted using colour sorting machines.
AradST Co. produces best quality sorting machines according to the agricultural section’s requirements.


Fruits can be sorted based on either weight or size or both of them in order to measure the density. AradST Co. produces different-capacity sorting machines with camera for detecting colour and surface defects.

Food industries

Vision technology can be used to grade, sort, and purify food products. AradST Co. provides their customers with different solutions in this field.

Mineral products

Increasing the purity of minerals and eliminating useless materials are the most important requirements of the mining section. AradST Co.

Plastic and PET

Arad colour sorting machines are able to sort colourful plastic flakes. Moreover, Arad Sorting produces a sorting machine through which PET flakes can be purified.

Recycled materials and Glass

Sorting glass particles based on colour is a major requirement of the recycling industry. AradST Co. produces a colour sorting machine that sorts glass according to the colour. Other recycled materials such as paper can be sorted using this machine.

Industrial parts – Bolts and Nuts

100% inspection of industrial parts such as bolts and nuts using the vision technology is one of Arad Sorting solutions. AradST Co. produces different bolt-and-nut sorting machines with the ability to measure dimensions and to detect defective parts.

Postal packages and envelopes

AradST Co. produces sorting machines that are able to sort packages and envelopes in terms of their barcodes. These machines are typically used in logistic sections and mechanised warehouses.